July 2021: International Subscriptions and Hard Copy Orders

We love our international readers, and even though it cost us a little more in shipping, for over twenty years, we've made sure if someone outside the U.S. wanted to hold a copy of The First Line, they could.

Unfortunately, due to new tariffs and red tape, we can no longer afford to offer hard copy subscriptions to international readers.

We can still ship single copies, but we will have to determine cost and availability on a country-by-country basis. For instance, we can mail an issue to Canada, but the cost is now $30 (USD) to cover the postage and new fees. If you live in Poland, an issue will cost $20 (USD). However, because of Brexit, readers in the United Kingdom can no longer purchase hard copies at any price.

Please email us to find out how much it would cost to send a hard copy of The First Line to your country (and if it is even possible).

PDF versions are available to anyone anywhere in the world, so we encourage purchasing a PDF copy (or you can read us on your Kindle in most countries).

By the way, this does not impact author copies. We will continue to send author copies for those who would like to have them. For more information, see our "Note to our international writers" on the Submit page.

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