TFL for Students and Teachers

For almost fifteen years, our first lines have been used as writing exercises in classrooms across the world, whether the students submit their stories to us or not. For the past several years, we've partnered with high school and university writing programs to formally bring The First Line to the classroom.

For teachers and students interested in using our first lines in the classroom, we offer the following:

  • Each class receives up to five free copies of the current issue for in-class review (additional copies are available for $2 each).
  • Each student who submits a story receives a detailed response, as well as a free pdf copy of the issue for which they wrote a story.
  • In some instances, the editors are available for online or phone interviews (in-class interviews are available for schools within 100 miles of TFL's office).

Discounted subscriptions for students are also available: ($5 for one year / 4 print issues).

If you teach a high school or university creative writing course and would like The First Line to be a part of your curriculum, contact us at

(We also have a program for writing groups. If you are a member of a writing group and would like to introduce The First Line to your friends and colleagues, drop us a line.)


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